Napa Valley women’s soccer is focused on creating a family environment that encourages each woman to not only be the best player they can be, but also the best person. The character of each student-athlete is ultimately what drives our program as well as the lifetime of potential they have before them. It is about more than soccer at Napa Valley. It is about developing the whole person and empowering them by honing their character and leadership skills.

We cultivate healthy competition within the family in order to push each other to expand ourselves and unlock our potential. Development on and off the field is critical to accomplishing our student-athletes’ goals. Our program celebrates each student-athletes’ individuality & unique abilities. This love and support is what empowers us to be our best selves and become champions in life.

We strive to champion everything that we do at Napa Valley College both in the classroom and on the pitch so that every student-athlete is in a position to transition to the next stage after NVC.

Soccer is what brings us together but it is the culture of our program that bonds us for life.